Kenneth Andrew Burns
Dalbeg, Isle of Lewis

Stornoway Harbour
Lazy Corner, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis
My background
Website last updated: July 2017
Born: Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, 1961
Studied drawing and painting at Glasgow School of Art, 1979-1985

Awarded: The John Kinnon Memorial Fund Scholarship for Post-graduate studies and painting in Florence, 1985-1986

Awarded: The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Award to travel through the Hebridean Islands 1992 and the Scottish West Coast and Islands 1994

Burns has been successfully exhibiting since 1985

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Artworks for sale

Timsgarry (signed print, ?50 incl p&p)

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Outer Hebrides
Stornoway and the Isle of Lewis
Islands from Berneray to Mingulay

Carnival Art

Artist's Statement